Wine List

I hope you find this wine list as exciting to read as it was to create. It is an accumulation of many years of tasting. What began as a 35-item, ten thousand dollar investment has blossomed into over a 2,100-item, million dollar passion.

The wine list is mostly Californian & French by design. We also have geared the list towards “country of origin” and have included other regions that we find are doing an incredible job in their respective areas. While we have a strong affinity for tradition, we cannot turn our backs on some of the innovations that are occurring all over the world.

As always, you will find our rather large collections of verticals and horizontals; second labels and second wines. Please be sure to confirm that your selection is the correct one presented.

Once the bottle is accepted, it cannot be returned (except for TCA-“corked” wines), and then, only on wines that we can return to the producer for a refund. Disliking the flavor of a profile of a wine is not a valid reason to return it. We have done our best to maintain optimal conditions for our wine, but as you may already know, each bottle is as individual as we are.

Older, expensive bottles are ordered at your own risk and will not be refunded or returned. For this reason we ask that you request the in-house sommelier if you are not sure what flavor profile a specific wine may offer. He can help make sure that you will be satisfied with your selection. If you choose to bring in a special bottle of wine, you will be charged a $25 corkage fee for every 750mL.

Thank you, and we hope you enjoy this list as much as we have enjoyed watching it evolve over the years.
Steve Ernst
Wine Director